Can one ever have too much type? We don’t think so! Please join us in welcoming TYPE, the new print magazine edited by Roger Black. We proudly join Morisawa as a founding sponsor.

Why do we need more fonts? Why do we need more fonts?

Along with cofounding Font Bureau and Type Network, Black has served as chief art director or design consultant for publications around the globe. Drawing on a life spent immersed in type, design, and storytelling, Black envisioned TYPE as an exhilarating journey into typography, calligraphy, lettering, sign painting, and all things letter culture. This new quarterly publication makes a point of foregrounding the people in type, the faces behind the typefaces—from seasoned veterans to newcomers. More than a trade journal or technical manual, TYPE aims to become a destination for inspiration.

What is 123 years old and has 10,000 amazing items on 4 kilometers of shelving? What is 123 years old and has 10,000 amazing items on 4 kilometers of shelving?

The inaugural issue of TYPE offers an exciting mix of articles looking both back in history and toward the future. Although the magazine is tightly focused, its horizon is broad, with stories from all over the world. It looks at the current state of the type business, too, and doesn’t shy away from delving into controversial topics.

TYPE’s web edition features many of the stories about type and type people that were showcased in No. 1. To get the print edition, sign up as a Charter Member for just $29.00 ($59.00 outside the US). You’ll receive every issue of TYPE published in 2018.

TYPE is a completely independent, non-profit voice. If you’re interested in contributing story ideas, sponsoring, or if you have any questions or feedback, please contact the TYPE team directly.