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About Type Network

Type Network was built for you. Join us as we reinvent the world of type.

Type Network is a new model for type design, development, and licensing, built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users. Type Network is a private company, with type designers making up the majority of ownership. This ensures that our goals align with our mission—to find the best designers and to support and publish their work.

The Type Network team has been working in digital type since desktop publishing first gave designers the tools to take control of their own typography. From Postscript to TrueType to OpenType and web fonts, our tradition of pushing the boundaries of type design and development is ingrained in Type Network.

How we work

Type Network is operated by its board of directors, management team, and a Type Congress made up of the type designers founding the initiative.

Management team

  • Sam Berlow, President
  • Paley Dreier, General Manager
  • David Berlow, Director
  • Roger Black, Director
  • Petr van Blokland, Director

Type Congress

  • David Berlow
  • Matthew Carter
  • Cyrus Highsmith
  • Richard Lipton
  • Jill Pichotta
  • David Jonathan Ross
  • Victoria Rushton
  • Petr van Blokland


Type Network was first conceived about six years ago, and we’ve been working ever since to make it a reality. We couldn’t have created our new home without the help of a group of people devoted to type and design.

Thanks to Lauren Dreier, who developed the original design that serves as a basis for today’s Type Network; Chris Lewis and Nick Sherman, who were deeply involved in the building stages of the typeface catalog; the Spry Group and MonkeyDo, our design and development collaborators; content developers Tamye Riggs, Claire Lindsey, and John Berry; editorial contributor Stephen Coles; CJ Dunn, Michelle Perham, and Jill Pichotta, our quality assurance team; and Paley Dreier, our business and marketing co-conspirator.

We are grateful, as well, to our “founding” foundry partners, who braved the early stages of this initiative and have stood by us through the trials of the launch process. We appreciate their partnership and friendship throughout the years, and we’re delighted to see their foundries at home on Type Network:

  • Carter & Cone (Matthew Carter and Cherie Cone)
  • Occupant Fonts (Cyrus Highsmith)
  • Typetr (Petr van Blokland)
  • DJR (David Jonathan Ross)
  • Lipton Letter Design (Richard Lipton)
  • CabargaType (Zavier Leslie Cabarga)
  • Greg Thompson
  • Victoria Rushton
  • Font Bureau (David Berlow)

There’s much more to the story, but for now, we’ll leave you to explore the site. Take a look around, and let us know what you think.

Sam Berlow, President
Type Network


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