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About Type Network

Type Network was built for you: the people who love working with great type, and the people who make it.

Type Network represents a new model for type design, development, and licensing, built in response to the increasingly complex needs of type designers and type users. It’s a private company, and type designers make up the majority of ownership. This ensures that Type Network’s goals align with its mission—to find the best designers, to support and publish their work, and to provide our clients and community with high-quality, original typefaces.

Type Network brings together the world’s best independent type foundries and designers, offering a carefully chosen collection of their fonts for all uses and negotiating on their behalf with our clients on custom design projects and enterprise licensing. Through our partners, we also offer a wide range of other typographic services, including consulting, teaching, and lecturing around the world.

Type Network’s diverse catalog features fonts for any job, from branding and editorial design to websites and apps. The Type Network team has been working in digital type since desktop publishing first gave designers the tools to take control of their own typography. Along with its foundry partners, Type Network is known for excellence and pushing the boundaries of type design and development.

Type Network was first conceived in 2010 and was founded in 2016.

Type Network management team and board of directors

  • Paley Dreier, President
  • Jill Pichotta, Vice President
  • Michelle Perham, General Manager
  • David Berlow, Chairman
  • Roger Black, Director
  • Petr van Blokland, Director


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