With 2016 winding down and people preparing for holiday festivities, we’re joyously seeing the year out with beautiful type by our exceptional foundry partners. From a versatile geometric sans to an exuberant typographic amalgam, there is something here for everyone. Enjoy the holidays!

Foundry Spotlights


The first foundry to join Type Network after we launched in June, Kontour offers a collection of typefaces that are both idiosyncratic and useful. Sibylle Hagmann’s body of work features a serif/sans superfamily consisting of the award-winning Odile, with its ornate Initials variant and striking Upright Italic, and its sweet sibling Elido, the eye-catching sans serif Axia, with its weights of uniform width and Stencil styles, and the jovial serif face Kopius. Exquisitely crafted by Hagmann, a lauded graphic designer in her own right, these stunning typefaces are guaranteed to make your designs stand out in the crowd.

Available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. All Kontour webfonts may be tested for free for up to 30 days.


Type-Ø-Tones joined Type Network in October, bringing a Latin joie-de-vivre/l’alegria de viure in their native Catalan to our family. Partners Laura Meseguer and José Manuel Urós’ vibrant typefaces strike the perfect balance between fun and serviceable, adding a warm, sun-kissed glow to familiar styles. The versatile sans family Multi offers both Text and Display optical sizes, while DINosaur dares to go where no technical sans ever dared venture before. Guapa is a geometric sans dressed as a charming postmodern deco script, and Magasin adds a retro-chic twist to a wavy high-contrast script. Add a little Spanish flair to your typographic work with these uniquely realized faces.

Available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. All Type-Ø-Tones webfonts may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

Type Views

New Hero

Like any superhero worth their salt, Miles Newlyn’s powerful geometric sans New Hero is dedicated to civic duty. Efficient and practical yet dynamic and detailed, this crisp geometric sans delivers mission-critical messages over 20 styles. From the crystalline Hairline to the über-punchy Super, New Hero comes fully equipped with small caps, several sets of numerals, localized forms, a series of arrows, and Newlyn’s trademark Accessibility Set. New Hero stands ready to be deployed on global missions—its character set supports Extended Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, with more scripts to come.

Available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. New Hero and all other Newlyn webfonts may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

Ornamental Season

This time of year always opens the floodgates for a deluge of sappy “Holiday Font Packs.” But CabargaType’s Zavier Cabarga doesn’t do sappy—he likes his holiday cheer exhilarating and a little edgy. A true typographic alchemist, he concocted Saber’s lowercase out of a wondrous mixture of blackletter, uncial, and Celtic forms. Cabarga then amped up the extravagance and created highly original capitals hinting at past Victorian frenzies, establishing beyond any shadow of doubt that “nothing exceeds like excess.” Saber is the perfect antidote for holiday schmaltz.

Available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. Saber and all other CabargaType webfonts may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

Farnham Headline

Farnham Headline was originally commissioned for a newspaper redesign, where Christian Schwartz was asked to make Farnham “less busy and more newsy.” This expansion of his successful Fleischmann revival for Font Bureau scales back the idiosyncratic details. Farnham Headline features a slightly larger x-height for impact, shorter serifs and less notching for more balance, small accents, and serifs with decreased angles. The new member of the family neatly rounds out the Farnham series, giving type users a suite of faces capable of expressing a wide range of emotions.

Available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. Farnham Headline and all other Font Bureau webfonts may be tested for free for up to 30 days.

In Other News

Type Network + Adobe TypeKit

There is always a lot going on at Type Network and within the type community, and the past few months have seen some fairly seismic activity. Close to home, CJ Type launched as a new Type Network foundry partner with the release of Dunbar, CJ Dunn’s snappy reimagining of Erbar-Grotesk. Lipton Letter Design gave us a glorious and glamorous expansion of Richard Lipton’s magnificent Meno. Hot on the heels of the OpenType Variable Fonts announcement at ATypI Warsaw in September, Font Bureau’s David Berlow, a pioneering Variations GX developer, happily pondered the future of this super-advanced format.

Victoria Rushton released her second type family, the quirkily elegant Embury Text; we liked it so much, we decked out this newsletter in its swell elegant forms. In November, during the yearly spectacle that is Adobe Max, we announced that Type Network was signing on as a launch partner in the new Adobe Typekit Marketplace. In celebration of our alliance, Adobe produced a lovely video featuring Rushton and her mentor, Cyrus Highsmith of Occupant Fonts.

That wraps up this edition of Type Network News. Our January newsletter will kick off the New Year in fine typographic fashion with more spotlights on our wonderful foundry partners and their amazing typefaces, along with the best examples of their type in the wild. Help us give the gift of great design—please send links and images of projects featuring Type Network fonts in use to info@typenetwork.com.

Thanks for being part of our journey this year. We’re looking forward to sharing a fantastic 2017 with you.