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From the UK to the UAE, Manchester Type joins TN.

A scientist in another life, David Williams now spends his days poring over obscure manuscripts and designing type. His foundry, Manchester Type, is TN’s latest global partner. In this conversation with Lucas Czarnecki, Williams shares how his friend convinced him…

Buenos Aires foundry Fer Cozzi joins TN 

Fernanda Cozzi learned type design through making graffiti with her friends, working on her high school newspaper, and—more rigorously—through the master’s program at the University of Buenos Aires. After working for several years as an independent type designer and starting…

Type-Ø-Tones releases four new wide-ranging type families

With Ella, Karol, Karol Sans, and Eixample, Type-Ø-Tones present a slate of new, historically informed, completely unique type families. These four designs contain 9 typefaces and a total of 46 different styles, all available to license from Type Network.

Antina’s sharp edges

The latest typeface to emerge from Tony Di Spigna’s expert hands: Antina adds angled, high-contrast flare to the foundry’s library . . . and to your designs.

IvyOra: An alternate to Caslon that isn’t another Caslon!

For Ivy’s latest family, Jan Maack drew inspiration from the same Dutch fount as William Caslon. The result is a set of fonts that can be used not only instead of typical Caslons, but also in places Caslon can’t go:…

TN’s 19th and 20th variable fonts are Blaze Type’s Sigurd and Massilia

Inspired by antique forms and enabled by modern technologies, Blaze Type’s Sigurd and Massilia VFs offer two completely different styles. (And somehow look great together.) In this interview, type designer Matthieu Salvaggio tells us why optical size is…

A few from the vault: Some rarely seen Adobe Originals

Over the years, Adobe’s business model has evolved alongside its expanding library. One result is that there are some Adobe Originals—created in collaboration with other designers and lettering artists—that are not currently found in the company’s own Adobe Fonts service.…

DJR’s Megafaces

Through his Font of the Month Club, DJR sends subscribers 12 new faces per year. They’re “display faces, experimental designs, and exclusive previews,” most of which never receive retail releases. After TN’s customary and intense tech review, three of his…

Richard Lipton and Mindy Seu

In their conversation, Richard Lipton (Lipton Letter Design) and Mindy Seu (Cyberfeminism Index) connect over their collaborative approaches to teaching, Seu’s appreciation for low-fidelity designs, and how Lipton’s unofficial sign-painting apprenticeship imbues his type designs with warmth.

A new variable flavor: Vinila

Plau’s goal—to make type as popular as music—leads them down unusual and exciting paths. Their latest release to Type Network, a grotesk from Flora de Carvalho named Vinila, is a testament to their approach. What started as lettering…

A global approach with the Adobe Originals

Over the years, the Adobe Originals team developed and commissioned a large collection of high-quality global typefaces covering many of the world’s languages. Now, you can license that collection of international scripts directly from Type Network. 

Adobe Originals: More than just one collection

With a collection of typefaces so large and diverse as the Adobe Originals, it can be easy to overlook the conscious thought that went into cultivating it. There are good reasons to celebrate their most iconic families, but—over the years—the…