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A desktop license allows you to download a font and install it on your computer and use it in any desktop application that contains a font menu, such as Word or Photoshop. You may create and print documents using the font and use it in static images. The price of a desktop license depends upon two important factors–the number of styles licensed, and the number of computer workstations the fonts will be installed on.


A web license allows you to use the font on your website as live text via the standard @font-face CSS rule. We offer two types of web licenses: hosted and self-hosted. With a hosted license, you reference a CSS resource link in the body of your HTML and we serve the fonts to your site from our content-delivery network. With a self-hosted license, you download the web font files from Type Network and host them on your servers.


An ePub license is for using fonts in publications such as books, magazines, and other periodicals that are viewed on Kindles, iPads, and other eReaders. An ePub license is for static content, rather than dynamic content that the user interacts with; for dynamic content, an App license is required.


An app license allows you to embed your fonts in a mobile application developed for phones, tablets, and similar devices. This license is appropriate if the fonts will be downloaded onto the end user’s device.


Additional licensing options, including Broadcast, Video Game, Enterprise, and Testing licenses are available upon request. If you have any questions about font licensing or can’t find a license to fit your needs, please contact us at info@typenetwork.com.

Support / Ordering

Online ordering

Online ordering is the fastest and easiest way to receive your fonts. When ordering online, you will receive your fonts via a download link. Hosted web fonts do not need to be downloaded; just follow the instructions to assign them to your web projects.

You can license individual styles and you can put together your own “package” by mixing and matching styles to qualify for volume discounts.

To find out pricing information, simply add fonts to your cart.


If you do not see a font that you desire, please contact us. We are building our font library and the font you want may be coming soon. We can also provide font recommendations.

Many fonts are also available with extended language support. Contact us to check availability.

Web font options

Web font licenses are available in all sizes. When you purchase a web license, we ask you to estimate the number of page views you receive each month. If your needs change, you can upgrade to a larger license plan at any time.

We offer both hosted and self-hosted license options. With our hosted service, we provide you with access to fonts hosted on our servers. You access them using simple lines of code which we provide. If you choose to self-host, we provide you with a set of web fonts for you to host on your own servers. Self-hosting is only recommended for larger sites that exceed 20 million page views/month.

We offer a free 30-day trial for all our web fonts. We created this trial because it allows you to confirm that the font style, quality, and technical implementation on your website meet your needs before you actually buy the font.


On the website, we accept all major credit cards. If you need to pay via check, money order or purchase order please contact us at info@typenetwork.com and we will help to process your order.

Support / Technical

Installing desktop fonts

On modern operating systems, font installation is quite easy. First you’ll need to locate the downloaded files and unzip them. Then, in most cases you can just double-click on each font file and a dialog will appear that invites you to install the font. Alternatively, you can drag the file(s) into a font management utility or into your operating system’s font folder. On Windows, this folder is part of the system control panel. On Mac you can copy the fonts into the Library>Fonts folder or drag the fonts files into the Font Book application.

App and ePub formats

When you purchase an App or ePub license, the fonts will be delivered to you as TTF font files with obfuscated name tables. The obfuscation provides an extra level of security so that the fonts cannot be extracted from your project and used by un-licensed users.

Implementing web fonts

With our hosted service, we provide you with access to fonts hosted on our servers. You access them using simple lines of code which we provide. If you choose to self-host, we provide you with a set of web fonts for you to host on your own servers.

There are two steps to implementing your web fonts using our hosted service:
1. Create a new project.
2. Update your website.

Creating a New Project
1. Enter the project name.
2. Add the domain of any website using the fonts. If you are developing locally, you may enter your local development domain.
3. Select the fonts you’d like to use and add them to the project.

Updating Your Website
Once you save your project, we give you everything you need to implement the fonts on your website.
Resource Code: Add this line of code to your web pages before the </head> tag.
CSS Sample: We provide you with the fonts organized by class name. You can choose to rename the class name if desired, or you can simply use the font-family, font-style and font-weight properties.

Web Font Formats
For self-hosted licenses, we supply WOFF, WOFF2 and EOT web font formats to ensure cross-browser compatibility. These are the major formats supported by all modern and legacy browsers. If you need any additional formats, please contact us. With our hosted license, our CSS detects the browser and version the end user is viewing your website in and dynamically serves only the appropriate web font format in order to optimize page download times.

Browser support
We support Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 5.0+, Safari and Mobile Safari 5.1+ and Opera 11.5+. This covers all of the popular browsers on OSX and Windows. We also support mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android. We constantly monitor other mobile devices and expect more devices to add web font support to their mobile browsers in the future.

Note: Fonts display differently across platforms and browsers due to differences in the font rendering software at the OS and application level. Each of our fonts was tested with this in mind.

Exceeding Monthly Allocations
If you exceed your monthly allocation by 25%, you will need to upgrade to a larger plan. If your site consistently exceeds the allocation by 20% each month, we will contact you to upgrade to the next service level.

Type Network web fonts are deployed on the Edgecast cloud computing services platform, a high performance environment that provides fast, reliable delivery of fonts throughout the world. This system can instantly scale to handle high traffic demands with a 99.95% service level guarantee and has data centers located around the world, guaranteeing quick delivery of fonts to website visitors on every continent.

Multiple Domains
You can use your web fonts across as many domains as you want so long as the aggregate page views across the domains remain under the licensed amount. Just add the URLs you need when you set up your project.

Contact information

Type Network
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Hours: 9am-7pm EST, Monday-Friday


Type Network offers licenses for typefaces from a variety of foundries and each foundry has their own End User License Agreement (EULA). If you license typefaces from multiple foundries, you will need to accept multiple EULAs during the checkout process.

EULAs from each foundry are available here for review. In these examples, Addendum A includes all available license types.
Carter & Cone
CJ Type
Font Bureau
Greg Thompson
Lipton Letter Design
Occupant Fonts
Victoria Rushton

Privacy statement

Type Network will not sell, give away, or in any other way distribute the information you provide.

All information provided to Type Network will be used for the sole purpose of providing our customers with products and support.

We may occasionally send informative or promotional Type Network material that we think will be of interest to our customers, but we will always provide a method to opt-out of any future such mailings.

Return policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase from Type Network, please let us know. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and customer service. Please contact us via phone or email if you have any problems and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

Country restrictions

Due to US trade laws, we can not distribute font software in the following countries. Please contact Type Network if you require further information.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ivory Coast
North Korea