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The world grapples with the pandemic, yet somehow the life of type endures. Business is not “as usual”, but we at Type Network are gratified by new licenses for fonts from our partner foundries who offer some of best typefaces around. As designers, their companies, and their clients are moving to strengthen brands, we’re in a number of discussions about font licensing for enterprise use.

That is, multiple users, app embedding, and other extended licensing options that are not covered by using fonts through Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Adobe Fonts is great for trying fonts in your designs. Its license covers desktop and web use by individuals. Once the design is approved and the fonts are ready to roll out to your team or the rest of your company’s employees and onto its website, it’s time to consider your licensing options. To get the support you need, the best place to start is with Type Network—or directly with the foundry that published the fonts.

For certain projects, you may need additional styles in new weights or widths, extra language support, or other customizations. We can help—just reply to this email.

Upgrade to custom

There are times that you want a new, custom typeface that is tailored to your brand. We know something about that—and can connect you to one or more designers and help prepare a plan and an estimate.

Whether you want to adapt an existing font by changing the shape of a few key glyphs or you’re involved in major identity rethink, we’re here to help. To learn more, send an email to custom@typenetwork.com

Now exclusive on Type Network: Font Bureau and Carter & Cone

Starting June 15, the typefaces from David Berlow’s Font Bureau and Matthew Carter’s Carter & Cone will no longer be available via Adobe Fonts and can only be licensed from Type Network. This means fonts like Miller and Benton Sans are available no where else.

Please visit the Font Bureau and Carter & Cone foundry pages on Type Network or send an email with any questions.

Frere-Jones Type adds to library

Great typefaces that were drawn by Tobias Frere-Jones for Font Bureau have moved to their new home at Frere-Jones Type on Type Network. These include long-time favorites like Interstate, Garage Gothic, and Nobel, among others.

Although they have a new roof over their heads, these families are still exclusively available for multi-user and enterprise licensing on Type Network.

We’re Type Network and we’re here to help.