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Type Network is now a partner in Adobe Typekit Marketplace

Newly launched initiative the right fit for our foundry partners and for type users.

SAN DIEGO, November 2 –– In conjunction with its annual Adobe MAX conference, Adobe today announced the debut of the Adobe Typekit Marketplace. This radical expansion of the Typekit cloud-based font service allows end users to license and pay for individual typefaces, moving beyond the subscription model. The Marketplace introduces a diverse group of type foundries and exceptional typefaces to graphic designers on a massive scale. Type Network has signed on as a launch partner in the new venture.

Type Network is a growing alliance of some of the world’s best independent type designers and foundries. Type Network is a private company owned and operated by type designers and type experts who have been part of the community since the beginning of digital type. Fostering close working relationships with like-minded people has been at the forefront of our vision since we conceived of Type Network.

Our Type Board hand picks potential foundry partners based on quality, originality, innovation, community involvement, and collaborative vision. We carefully choose the people we want to work with, and our team is dedicated to promoting their work and connecting them directly with users.

To that end, Type Network and all of its exclusive foundry partners have elected to collectively join the Typekit Marketplace.

Type Network joins Adobe Typekit Marketplace..

”It can be difficult to get noticed.” Type Network foundry partners Cyrus Highsmith and Victoria Rushton star in Adobe Typekit Marketplace launch video.

For type designers
Type Network strives to get our foundry partners’ typefaces and stories as close to end users as possible. Having a strong presence on Typekit Marketplace allows us to get our collection in front of the largest and broadest audience of designers using Adobe’s tools.

For type users
In addition, Type Network serves type users and must make it as easy as possible for them to access quality type no matter their design tool of choice. Being part of the Typekit Marketplace ensures that Creative Cloud users will be no more than a click away from some of the best type around. Users who need extended licenses or customizations will be directed back to Type Network.

At Type Network, we believe in advancing the cause of good typography on the global stage. Through our alliance with Adobe Typekit and by joining as a pioneering partner in the Typekit Marketplace, we are expanding opportunities for our foundry partners and for type users. We look forward to the possibilities.

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