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ScreenFonts: August 2017 | The Leftovers

These posters didn’t make the cut, but are still noteworthy for their design and/or typography.

Poster for 13 Minutes
Elser (13 Minutes) © 2015 Sony Pictures Classics. While the composite image and use of Industria in the international one-sheet for 13 Minutes make the film seem like a 1990s straight-to-VHS production…
Poster for Elsner (13 Minutes)
…the original German poster is a splendid visual metaphor for the defiance of an individual caught in an oppressive regime—an image that immediately made me think of Franz Kafka. Art deco sans serifs in the same spirit as Neutraface: Eagle, Mostra Nuova, Arboria, and Dunbar.
Poster for The Exception
The Exception © 2016 A24. A similar concept with a different, equally good execution. Turning Gotham’s X into a bloody swastika is an interesting typographic detail.
Poster for The Exception
Technically speaking, InSync Plus’ key art is also a floating-heads design using one of the myriad digitizations of Bank Gothic or Poster Gothic, but it’s far more elegant and sophisticated than Creative Partnership’s hazy interpretation.
Poster for Churchill
Churchill © 2017 Cohen Media Group. Jensen Adam Design’s poster is reminiscent of Planetfab’s one-sheet for The King’s Speech, coincidentally (?) set during the same period. Vinter would be a gorgeous alternative to this stressed sans serif.
Poster for The Reagan Show
The Reagan Show © 2017 Gravitas Ventures. Gravillis Inc. brilliantly uses cathode-ray tube interference to bring out the red, white, and blue in the image and create a faux 3-D effect.
Poster for Dark Signal
Dark Signal © 2016 XLrator Media. Poolhouse adds vertical static to Agency FB to match the image.
Poster for Jasmine
Jasmine © 2015 Indican Pictures. A mesmerizing fusion of two images, a bit like Kellerhouse’s stunning design for The Girlfriend Experience, which I reviewed eight years ago.
Poster for Paris pieds nus (Lost in Paris)
Paris pieds nus (Lost in Paris) © 2016 Oscilloscope. This charming, fun, and refreshing illustrated theatrical one-sheet just oozes Frenchness.
Poster for Paris pieds nus (Lost in Paris)
Just as amusing is the collage-style illustrated international poster that places the characters in an ebullient typographic background. The geometric sans is similar to Nobel.
Poster for The Skyjacker’s Tale
The Skyjacker’s Tale © 2016 Strand Releasing. Agency 71 added creases to their stylish, 1970s-style artwork to make it look more authentic.
Poster for Tatara Samurai
Tatara Samurai © 2016 Eleven Arts. Juan Luis Garcia created an excellent customized movie title, positioning it on top of the main protagonist to enhance the intensity of the scene.
Poster for Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
© 2016 Two Birds Film. When customizing a letter (the capital L in this case), make sure you respect the weight and contrast of the typeface design—here, Berton Hasebe’s Portrait Text.
Poster for The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry
© 2016 Two Birds Film. This design, reminiscent of a book cover, matches the elegant text face and drawing style much better.