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Type Network offerings part of expanded Adobe Fonts

The font subscription service formerly known as Typekit takes a giant leap forward, giving Creative Cloud users broad access to thousands of high-quality fonts from the TN family.

We have something huge to share! Our friends at Typekit have made some significant changes to their service, and we’re excited to be part of it. They broke the news at a bigger-than-ever Adobe MAX conference this week in Los Angeles.

One of the most visible changes appears on the surface—the rebranding of Typekit to Adobe Fonts. But the major shift for users lies under the hood. According to Matthew Rechs, who heads up type at Adobe, “we are consolidating all previous Typekit plans into one streamlined service that gives you our complete library as part of all Creative Cloud plans.” What’s more, there are no more sync limits, no more webfont pageview or domain limits, and no more “web-only” fonts.

Although its name may be changing, the typeface-design-and-distribution arm of the design giant remains in the hands of a team devoted to all things typographic. Their mission is to provide access to some of the world’s best typefaces designed for desktop, web, and beyond. Since that’s our mission, too, it’s only natural that we strengthen our partnership with Typekit as it transitions to the enhanced world of Adobe Fonts.

We have worked closely with some of our foundry partners to include a selection of their best typefaces in the Adobe Fonts library—more than two thousand fonts, give or take a few. This means that Creative Cloud customers will now have access to many of their favorite fonts at a variety of subscription levels.

Type Network’s curated collection in the Adobe Fonts library includes beloved classics like Benton Sans and Titling Gothic (Font Bureau), Big Caslon and Miller Text (Carter and Cone), Casey and Streamline (CabargaType), Productus and Proforma (TYPETR), and Sloop Script (Lipton Letter Design). But there’s even more to love in the library—check out new favorites like Dunbar (CJ Type), Navigo (CSTM), Input (DJR) IvyMode (Ivy Foundry), Odile (Kontour), New Hero (Newlyn), Multi (Type-Ø-Tones), and Gautreaux (Victoria Rushton). There are even more subscription-based gems on Adobe Fonts from our partners Mark Simonson, Greg Thompson, Underware, and XYZ Type, as well as fonts available for licensing from Occupant Fonts and Retype in the Adobe Fonts Marketplace.

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Type Network’s wayfinding font pack was curated for Creative Cloud users of Adobe Fonts.

And speaking of curated collections—we’ve put together a special wayfinding pack for Creative Cloud customers looking for the right faces for environmental, transportation, and related applications. Our first font pack on Adobe Fonts features Kontour’s Axia Black and Stencil Black, DINosaur Medium and Bold from Type-Ø-Tones, Font Bureau’s Interstate Bold, Navigo Medium by CSTM, and Newlyn’s New Hero Semibold. These seven faces are sure to help you find your way in the world—take them out for a spin.

With the advent of these changes, Adobe’s history of supporting great type design and innovation continues, and their commitment to getting great faces into the hands of users is stronger than ever. We’re glad we’re along for the ride—we can’t wait to see what happens next.