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Plau wins big at the Brasil Design Award

Brasil Design Award is among the two top creative recognitions in Brazil, together with the ADG Brasil Awards. Having just completed its 11th edition, the award gathers and presents the country’s most relevant design work. The jury is of unquestionable…

Who is Dan Rhatigan?

You might have seen him speak at TDC’s Type Drives Culture conference or SoTA’s TypeCon. You might have read one of his zines. Back in the day, you might have attended one of his lectures at the ArtEZ Institute of…

Original Type joins Type Network

Founded in 2018 by Artur Schmal, Original Type has produced some of the most exciting retail and brand typefaces in recent years. Now, the Amsterdam-based foundry is joining Type Network’s global collection of partners. We sat down with Schmal to…

10 great book covers using TN fonts

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but cover designers strive to help readers forget that advice. Here are ten excellent covers that prove the importance of high quality typefaces and typography.

Welcome Dan Rhatigan, Glenda Bellarosa, and Kate Beckwith

Three new typophiles are joining Type Network’s staff this week: Dan Rhatigan, Glenda Bellarosa, and Kate Beckwith. Together, they add more than sixty years of typographic experience to the team.

Getting to know Luc(as) de Groot

Luc(as) de Groot sits down with Type Network’s own Lucas (Czarnecki) to talk about Calibri’s ubiquity, de Groot’s interpolation theory, and what it means for LucasFonts to join TN.

PampaType joins Type Network

Launched by Alejandro Lo Celso in 2001, PampaType can boast about more than just its excellent and diverse library of type: it’s also the first South American digital type foundry. After two decades of leading the continent across both retail…

Thinstroke joins Type Network

After independently illustrious careers, Tony Di Spigna and Bill Hilson founded Thinstroke in 2009. Now, after a dozen years distributing Di Spigna’s meticulously-crafted typefaces, they’ve chosen to join 33 other top foundries in Type Network.

A closer look at Sauna

While some sans serifs strive for neutrality or austerity, Sauna is warm and unrestrained. Where some are stiff and harsh, Sauna is relaxed and welcoming. In that way, its name fits quite nicely. Its soft contours and playful strokes expose…

The Black Review: Ragged Orphans

Roger Black explains his method for setting readable, intelligible text with a ragged right edge with no orphans and no widows.

The Black Review: Type Speaks

Roger Black takes a look at Type Speaks, the new book by Steven Heller and Gail Anderson, which manages to sum up all the current trends in type design and typography. “This book is an antidote for numbing corporate neo-grotesques…

Christopher Slye joins Type Network

Leading font executive takes the helm of Type Network, the premium source for fonts, now in its sixth year.