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ScreenFonts: November 2018

With the poster for The Spy Who Dumped Me, we open on a lighthearted, humorous note—but the balance of this episode is rather somber, even violent, as we turn to Papillon, Searching, Active Measures, Alt-Right: Age of Rage, BlacKkKlansman, Laissez…

XYZ Type’s Study graduates with honors

Jesse Ragan breathes new life into a lost hand-painted alphabet by designer and illustrator Rudolph Ruzicka.

Richard Lipton mines early twentieth-century lettering for Collier

Lipton Letter Design’s latest release is a delicately flared all-purpose type family with an astonishing typographic scope.

Bold Monday adds five daring designs to Type Network

Surprising type designs by Pieter van Rosmalen, Paul van der Laan, and Jacques Le Bailly defy expectations.

Subset away!

Subsetting, long available to our Webtype customers, has always been in the cards for Type Network. Finally it’s here.

Peak typography: LudwigType brings three thrilling faces to Type Network

Inspired by the mountains of Italy, the streets of Finland, and the trailblazing era of American grotesques, Ludwig Übele delivers a tantalizing trio of types from Berlin.

Type Network offerings part of expanded Adobe Fonts

The font subscription service formerly known as Typekit takes a giant leap forward, giving Creative Cloud users broad access to thousands of high-quality fonts from the TN family.

Bold Monday starts the week at Type Network

Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen established their well-regarded independent foundry in 2008. After a successful decade in business, they’ve decided to broaden their reach by joining a constellation of kindred indies at Type Network.

Two of Matthew Carter’s modern classics remastered

At long last, the technology underlying the new Sophia CC and Mantinia CC matches the sophistication of their design.

A long line of custom classics

Roger Black Collection spotlights typefaces that began life as custom commissions by the celebrated art director and typographic consultant. On the occasion of the collection’s launch, Yves Peters had a freewheeling conversation with Black, who cofounded Font Bureau

Acme Gothic and Parkside unbound

Like many type designers, Mark Simonson has a treasure trove of typeface sketches tucked away in a drawer. Out of the more than sixteen hundred(!) in his collection, Acme Gothic and Parkside are the first to see the light of…

Typographic pioneers Berlow and Carter, other TN partners on the roster at ATypI 2018

In a city where history and progress converge so profoundly, it’s fitting that two of our partners known for honoring typographic heritage—while always moving forward—are in the spotlight during ATypI’s Antwerp conference.