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TypeLovers: for those who love people and type (and not necessarily in that order)

Love is in the air with this series of quirky typographic pairings celebrating all of the good things about Valentine’s Day.

TypeLovers 2017 (1–4)

Font couples, from top left to bottom right: Guapa + Dunbar Text; Casey Bold + Marcia Bold; Commerce + Elido Book Italic (with Odile ornaments); Bennet Display + Agenda Light.

When it comes to love—whether it’s romance, self-care, friendship, or devotion to family and community—you can never get enough. To keep the love flowing in an extended celebration of Valentine’s Day, Type Network team members and foundry partners contributed some of our favorite love-themed quotes to TypeLovers: a series of font pairings designed to adorn our newly minted @typenetwork Instagram account.

TypeLovers 2017 (5–8)

Font couples, from top left to bottom right: Odile Upright Italic + New Frank Light; Embury Text Regular + Scout Text; Roster Compressed Light + Productus; New Farm Bold + Benton Sans Medium.

From St. Valentine’s Day until the end of February, we posted a fresh image daily that combined two typefaces in surprising ways. Have you ever thought about marrying Guapa with Dunbar? What about Odile Upright Italic with New Frank Light? And did you know that Stephen King and Dr. Seuss make for a wonderfully, weirdly romantic pair of authors on a bookshelf? Opposites really do attract!

TypeLovers 2017 (9–12)

Background graphics displayed throughout TypeLovers are part of the featured typefaces and were carefully chosen to complement the texts. Font couples, from top left to bottom right: Coquette Regular + Meno Display Bold; Proforma Medium + Multi Display Medium; Gimlet Display Medium + Verdana Pro Condensed; Interstate + Input Sans.

Which type pairing strikes your fancy? Let us know by following us on Instagram, liking your favorite image(s), tagging someone with the message(s) you want to share, or sharing posts on your profile. After the contest is over, we’ll select two participants at random to gift with one-of-a-kind typographic swag. Deadline to like/share/tag: Monday, March 6, 2017.

TypeLovers 2017 (13–14)

Font couples, left to right: Gasket + Neon Stream; Dunbar Tall Extra Light + Bookmania Regular.